9 Steps to Conscious Parenting: Raising Healthy, Happy, and Confident Children

Conscious Parenting: Shifting the Paradigm – Guest post by Melanie Jaqua
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I have been doing some really tough but necessary work through The Ford Institute and learning about their distinctions. Projections is a pretty big conversation. We have positive projections, which I believe is why I found your work, but we also have negative projections, which is where others come in.

They are my walking projection screen! I have struggled with getting them to listen and it has almost driven me to insanity. Ok, by definition, I have gone insane with them not listening because I keep expecting different results. Thank you for being a beacon of inspiration not just for my professional life but for my spiritual life as well. Every video you do seems like it was made just for me. I have been struggling with this projection of what a person should be all my life. I live the life that my parents wanted me to.

I understand why they did.. Thank you for for the wonderful video! It has spoken to me on multiple levels. I am in the process of changing paths to focus my life to pursue my passions in my way. This video helped me to reflect on the ways I have allowed external pressures from my past to cloud over my present state and my life decisions.

I am stepping out from behind the veil of fear that was instilled in my world. Much Love!! Thank you for your inspiring work and particularly for this interview with the enigmatic Dr Shefali. I am in the midst of being triggered a whole lot by the behaviour of my 3 year old. Often I want to punish them when my expectations are not met. Not pretty but that is where I am at. What does this trigger bring forth in me?

It brings forth quite a bit of sadness. I am living that at the moment and trying at the same time to find the kindness that I know is in my heart when I relate to my children. I deeply desire to show them the love that I have for them in how I relate to them.

I am taking up the invitation to do the inner work. It would be lovely to find others who are in the same space. Many blessings to you all, Emma x. I removed my son from what I believed to be an unhealthy environment but there is still a strong influence from his dad who he adores and emulates and it saddens me that some of that incredible light still went out and the ego has definitely taken a hold for the moment.

This is what I successfully coach others to do.

Greetings from the Island of Barbados. Just wanted to say thank you for the great work that you do. I have been going through some changes within the last year, searching for my purpose and really trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life. I have a desire to take care of my family, be financially independent and to make a change in the world no matter how small it may be.

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I came across your videos accidentally, while viewing other inspiring people and it was like you were speaking directly to me. I finally got the courage to start my own business. I am in the process of building my website for my business and for the first time in my life I feel like I am not stuck and that I am making a conscious effort to change the things I do not like in my like. I am far from where I want to be but I feel like I am participating in my life, saying no to the things I do not want and following the things that really bring out the core of who I really am.

Something that truly triggers me or sets me off is my Dad. I think that if I step outside of that triggered reaction for a moment I see that we are truly equals in different ways. I see him as a little boy longing for love and understanding and wanting approval from his parents.

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I see him, just like me, lost and never enough. I see how much we have in common and how much his ego has created those same demands on his children that he hated about his parents. I love her book! So much of what she said is instinctively what we know and imposing our egos on our daughter is on our list of shit to cut out.

9 Steps to Conscious Parenting: Raising Healthy, Happy, and Confident Children

9 Steps to Conscious Parenting: Raising Healthy, Happy, and Confident Children desire to be accepted, heard and understood in a loving, supportive. The most popular ebook you want to read is 9 Steps To Conscious Parenting Raising Healthy Happy And. Confident Children. You can Free download it to your.

Thank you so much for introducing her. When I heard the story about the lady who has perfectionism problem, I was almost crying… Thank you so much again. This clip gives me a huge chance to shift to my center. I think I got some clue for me to be more centered from this whole video clip. Thank you so much again.

Thank You. Helping him navigate the world has helped me navigate my own, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be his mom, and know myself in the process. I am a mother and just yesterday Tuesday we had to take a Family Healing Day. My 5 year old stayed home and my husband did not go to work so that we could work out some things that had sparked.

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In other words, when they do not do what I ask them to do. And the accumulation of undone requests drive me nuts and I loose it. A projection of my own self worth and love.

Here are the crucial do’s and don’ts for raising an optimistic, “can-do” child.

Holy doodle!!!!! This interview is incredible — so full, so much wisdom. Love the discussion! My best part is even if you have the highest standards of success and you are satisfying yr ego continuously out of fear of the outside you can still be unhappy. I quit this people race a while ago in everything I do.

Children can be anxious, too: Tips for consciously parenting little worriers

It feels great! I always listen to my inner voice and the more we listen to it the stronger it gets! But I still have to work on my relation with my kids part, nt imposing on them my ideas of success.. Two great questions Marie!

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I know I am triggered by people I perceive as selfish or self-centered. I am always putting others first and I can learn from these people that prioritizing self-care is okay.

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Thanks for asking the question! This was SUCH a great interview! I used to really get triggered by hyper critical people. I felt very unseen and unheard when I knew my ideas and solutions were so useful! I look back and see how that situation played out time and time again— in toxic relationships, work environments, friendships, etc. But, I also see how building my company which at the time I thought was called Compliment because it was sweet and cute— not because it was divinely inspired!

How to Raise a Confident Child

Business is such a spiritual journey! This made me realize how we are we are trying to fulfill others projection of us and vice versa. Just listening to and affirming our inner voice can bring happiness and beauty. Its like I am not going to be lenient or nice to them again nor other will also treat me the same. If you know what I mean…. I was so excited to see Dr. Shefali on Marie TV!

Thank you, thank you! My best days are definitely those where I look inward, honor who I am, and accept where I am. I bought the book. This is so powerful and so inspiring. I still struggle a bit with understanding the full meaning about being conscious and listening to the inner voice. For example, when it comes to myself and my decision, my inner voice is so easy to be listened to.

I guess I just need to keep practicing. I feel like telling him to act his age and communicat like an adult. This stuff is confusing. But I am thankful I watched this episode because it was very insightful. I have one child,a son, now 25 years old. Now, I have to say that these statements have come from my husband, his dad.

I know that this comes from his own sense of inadequacy and failure to be all his mom thought he should be. So, this was a powerful episode for me — to let me step back and let me just be and to let my son be just himself. I now need to find my inner voice because I have no idea what is right for me. Love Love Love the wisdom! Going to get her book asap. Makes a huge difference to be present, I am learning stepping back from an eruptive situation with my kids, and having a moment to myself in stillness, the situation is resolved with love and understanding, and we all end being a lot more connected xoxo.