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I intended to avoid engaging myself again in this debate until after our seminar was done, but it has been difficult to lay aside. How DO you all do it? Having grown up in the SF Bay area, I was blessed to be exposed to a broad spectrum of world views. My family of origin, while making use of public schools, also took self-education seriously. Though I am certainly no expert in argumentation or public debate, I have some siblings who are.

It was something of a survival instinct that motivated me to work at writing and speaking proficiently. It was the voracious reading practices at home that afforded me a vocabulary. We gave away our television two years ago for this very reason. Guess what?

Compulsion may accomplish the external trappings of an education. This is true in all school settings. When the love of learning is preserved though, the basics are much more easily acquired.

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Not that earning a solid education is easy. But it is only made more difficult by the assumption that it must be force fed from a young age. If we parents can instill in our children the ability to learn and to think for themselves, building on the foundation of a solid, virtuous core, they have the most important tools for future education. This, in very simple terms, is my take on what Oliver DeMille promotes.

Jim, I hate to tell you this, but your GWC education is actually quite regressive. And again, if you were really being professionalized rather than dilletantized you would know that. I have found this discussion fascinating. I have educated my six children oldest is 12 at home for six years. I started after several years of research and prayer. I did not make the decision lightly or easily. Honestly, some years I have found it very difficult to balance everything. But I have kept at it because the Spirit has counseled me so strongly that it is the right thing for our family.

There are some subjects that my children are very advanced in, and some we are a bit behind in though no more than your average public schooled child. Despite providing an imperfect education for my own children, of the last five wards we have lived in during the last six years, and other broad exposure which comes from having lived in four different states in that same time frame, I have not seen any public schooled families that I would want to emulate. I am not saying that there were not good families, because there were, and many awesome kids too. However, my imperfect! I think these are more important.


The stories and ideas fill our minds and hearts, but equally wonderful are the discussions we have with each other. I never yet saw a native American begging in the streets or highways. Jefferson had always admired Washington's leadership skills but felt that his Federalist party was leading the country in the wrong direction. Callender , after being denied a position as postmaster , alleged Jefferson had taken Hemings as a concubine and fathered several children with her. In the evenings, his family enjoyed leisure time in the gardens; late at night, Jefferson would retire to bed with a book. The packages listed on our website are simply a combination of items listed at a reduced price and are not packaged together but will arrive as separate items in the box they are shipped. A bunch of wonderful mommy brains come together and you get a big list of support, ideas and answers!

I say this only to lay a foundation for my reason for continuing to homeschool, since there was some discussion above about why anyone would homeschool. I found them very interesting. My first serious introduction to TJED came through a friend. I admire her greatly. She is a wonderful mom and doing a great job homeschooling. However, despite my studies and discussions with her, I have never been able to come to a place where I feel right about TJED. I think some of its principles are sound doctrinally, though more useful in the older grades.

So which way is right? Is TJED really a crock?

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Is it the one true way to homeschool? Or could they both be right together—taking some principles into your homeschool and discarding the rest? Homeschooling is no more a guarantee of good social and educational results than a PhD is a guarantee of wisdom. Which I say knowing scores of PhDs fairly well.

Rebecca, presumably you expect your children will at least meet, probably exceed, the standard of your own education.

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From the writing sample you have provided, that means your children are learning to spell, capitalize, and punctuate; to organize their thoughts coherently; and to express their ideas clearly. Presumably they are also learning to research and analyze, based on your example. Why would you assume that the Lord has revealed a method of education? Given the problems getting people on board with the basics that are essential for salvation prayer, scripture study, etc. Your kids are lucky to have you so involved in their educations. Our public school teachers are great, but a huge part a majority?

1. Slavery

My ideal educational situation would be for my kids to be included in a conscientious homeschool program — run by someone else. I am interested in homeschooling, though would probably never pursue it because my husband is opposed also, as he is Japanese and the possibility of moving to Japan is always there, however slim, according to him, the Japanese government does not recognize home schooling and that would put our children in a difficult situation to say the least.

As an engineering PhD student myself, I have found my study of mathematics very rewarding, but I must say, I would probably have had the initial enthusiasm to lead myself to learn the basics of arithmetic and geometry in the early years. And it seems that the only way to really learn hard science and math is a very rigorous, methodical study from at least the late elementary years on. Unlike many subjects, where any good reader can learn later on their own, engineering, math and science require a very very strong math and science background in elementary, middle, and high school.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. The core unit of society is the family, and it is in our homes that the Buy A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion (The Leadership Education Library Book 2): Read 20 Kindle Store Reviews - Amazon. com. A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion [Oliver DeMille, Rachel DeMille, books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the . I usually borrow most books from the library but this is definitely one that is.

I know many students go on to take classes at the community colleges as they get into high school years, which is definitely a solution granted that their parents gave them a strong beginning. I just hope that homeschooled children would have the same opportunities that students do at the good school districts of course, I acknowledge that many public school students attend poor schools and are probably likewise denied this opportunity.

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Julie, thank you so much for this extensive, well-researched, and insightful discussion. I found it very affirming of the lifestyle I had chosen for my family, but not very instructive—The Well-Trained Mind fit that niche beautifully when I discovered it a couple of years later that my 15yo was ready for and aced college-credit math and composition courses I attribute to following TWTM. It would actually make a great read-aloud for a family and is substantial enough that an adult would enjoy it. That reminds me of a discussion with someone as a missionary.

They wanted to know if we believed that having the Book of Mormon was necessary for salvation. My response is that not only was the BofM not necessary, the Bible was also not necessary. The people at the time of Christ did not have the scriptures and their salvation was not dependent on having or not having any particular scripture.

Their salvation was dependent on Jesus Christ. Scriptures are wonderful. They are a touchstone for our religion. They are a vital part of our religious and spiritual and daily life. They contain the doctrines of salvation. They do not contain salvation itself. They contain many important principles and knowledge. However, they do not contain all the learning and experience of the human race. They do not contain the principles of microbiology.

A Thomas Jefferson Education?

If I want to find that out, I will go to a wonderful, almost-new textbook I picked up at a garage sale on Saturday for 50 cents. Anyone need to know the steps involved in water treatment? Types of genetic mutations? The transmission of cryptosporidiosis? The scriptures do not contain the principles of physics. If I want to learn those, I go find a course or series of books on physics. I will learn about motion, waves, thermodynamics, mechanics and so forth. The scriptures do not contain the science of astronomy.

The scriptures may contain references to or poems about astronomy, because it is one of the oldest forms of science, and I may go to the scriptures for an appreciation of the wonders of the heavens and the creations, but I will not go there to learn about orbits and comets and radiation pressures and magnetic fields. I will go to the scriptures to find out how to deal with the death of both of my grandmas in the last few weeks.

I will go to the scriptures for comfort. Perhaps it is exacerbated since there are instructions in the scriptures on how to teach in a gospel setting. The thought process must go like this: Because I find so much day-to-day personal and parenting and even gospel teaching advice in the scriptures, I should be able to expand what I find in the scriptures to apply to how to teach children in their day to day education.

She pretends to have taken them at their word — that their method is inspired — by trying to find the inspiration they claim, and is mostly unsuccessful. That is, Julie and Rebecca agree: no such method is to be found in revealed scripture, and such claims for a teaching method are somewhat fanatical. Researcher and I keep crossing in the mail. Rebecca, I think you hit the nail on the head.

We need to educate ourselves on the schools of thought presented to us, take what is good from it and discard the rest or revisit it when it seems applicable. All children learn differently and every mother knows their child best and can help them in the best way using all the tools available to her.