Angelic Tales of The Universe. Tale 13. A Retreat In the Mountains

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The Retreat takes place in Florida each year in late January in an attractive facility where the speakers, both ministers and lay men and women, give classes on a doctrinal study or their area of expertise. Through fellowship, worship, workshops, small groups, activities and nurturing food, women are rejuvenated and renewed. The campers are mentored towards spiritual growth in an environment filled with music, worship, prayer, and wholesome fun.

Visit their website at www. The camp allows participants to interact with other spiritually-minded young people in a relaxed and fun environment. Days at BASS are characterized by worship, learning, sports, creative activities, and outings to places of interest. Scandinavian Family Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Copenhagen, Jonkoping and Stockholm groups, typically in May.

The weekend includes activities for all age groups, including stimulating instruction, debate and social activities. Activities will predominantly be held in a Nordic language, but all are welcome to attend. Contact: Daily Inspiration "The Lord's end in view and inmost joy was the salvation of the human race. Camps and Retreats. Please see below for a list of camps and retreats offered: Camps in Bryn Athyn, PA Tools 4 Life is a career and life skills camp designed to help teenagers who have completed grades 10 and 11 develop the tools and confidence needed to make choices about their path after high school.

The camp offers 7 days of activities and workshops under the mentorship of skilled counselors. Academy of the New Church Summer Camp is geared to students who have completed grades 8 or 9, helping to familiarize them with the Academy Secondary Schools. It also allows for New Church young people to socialize in a friendly and informal, but chaperoned environment. Each day of camp will focus on a different ancient culture. The day will start with a worship service followed by crafts, cooking, activities and games related to the myths of the day.

Yes, there will be archery! There are two session options to choose from: Session one: Monday, June 17 — Friday, June 21, am — pm daily Session two: Monday, June 24 — Friday, June 28, am — pm daily If you have any questions, contact Christine McDonald at christine. The thing I mean can be seen, for instance, in children, when they find some game or joke that they specially like. A child kicks his legs rhythmically through excess, not absence, of life.

Because children have abounding vitality, because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged.

Tolkien and the Fairy Story

For grownup people are not strong enough to exult in monotony. But perhaps God is strong enough to exult in monotony. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God make every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that he has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our father is younger than we. The repetition in Nature may not be a mere recurrence; it may be a theatrical encore.

Heaven may encore the bird who laid an egg. If the human being conceives and brings forth a human child instead of bringing forth a fish, or a bat or a griffin, the reason may not be that we are fixed in an animal fate without life or purpose. It may be that our little tragedy has touched the gods, that they admire it from their starry galleries, and that at the end of every human drama man is called again and again before the curtain.

Repetition may go on for millions of years, be mere choice, and at any instant it may stop. Man may stand on the earth generation after generation, and yet each birth be his positively last appearance. Meditation 3. The Mystery of God. The meaning of God in my life and our witness to Him. My words and deeds manifest this witness. But you see me, for I live and you shall live. I pray and beg to give witness to this God who is alive with Life.

The Deer Park Dharmacast

If we look around us we will see the mystery of Life and Death enacted, yet so few of us recognize or are aware of this. And so if we are barely aware of life around us, how can we come to the grips with a God who is Living. And so I come to the realization that God does not have to be questioned, rather it is I who am to be questioned. It is my relationship to the living God which is in question and not his relationship to me.

But God is also living today.

I must be aware of this fact. But what does it mean when I say that God is alive with a life giving Live? What is meant is that God is completely immersed in His activity. Because of this complete immersion, God has no beginning, nor end. Being alive means that He has the fullest personality. He is completely attentive to all of creation, even in our sub-conscience. But God is more than a Living God. God is a Life giving God. God not only gives Life but also is capable of restoring it.

Ezechiel The ultimate conclusion is that God is actually the breath of my own life. My life is but his breath. And so He is not only the source of life, but the source of my life. And so God is present creatively in a loving way. I pray to realize how completely alive God is, and how completely He gives Himself to me; especially in creation and the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

How tremendous is it to meditate, realizing the presence of an active Being — a Being who is the source of my Life — Yes!


Meditation 4. Lord grant that I may enter into the inner sanctum of God!

Allow and permit us to enter the Holy of Holies. God appears to Moses in the fiery bush. Exodus To realize the mystery of God as a Holy God and how we realize the notion of Holiness in our own life. Why is it that in defining the meaning of Holiness, most people will consider it as a lack of personality, dullness, effeminate, abnormal, etc.?

It is the inner sanctum of God. It is not an attribute, but rather the aliveness of God — the living God. In the O.

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In the OT holiness is an overwhelming attraction. We look upon God in awe and wonderment and at the same time we are drawn or attracted to His life. The notion of Holiness is difficult to understand because, 1 it is considered as a caricature by society; 2 the penetration into God is and cannot possibly be exhausted.

This is precisely the nature of Holiness, that it cannot be completely comprehended; and 3 the loss of mystery in the world. We think that nothing is bigger than us and so we loose a sense of reverence. Reverence means a penetration into the depth of reality, that is, the mystery of God. And so I must be reverent so that I may enter more profoundly into the inner sanctum of the Holy of Holies.

The Secret History of the Nephilim

Angelic Tales of The Universe. Tale A Retreat In the Mountains - Kindle edition by Leland Lewis. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . Oct 27, This is Tale Thirteen of the fifty episode Cosmic Angelic Series; "Angelic Tales of The Universe". It is entitled; "A Retreat In the Mountains".

To understand the meaning of Holiness in the O. In other words, what god is telling Moses is that that ground is set aside by the Presence of the Living God. Secondly, in revealing His name God made his secret of Holiness available to all. A second notion of Holiness found in the O.

Here Isaiah sees the Lord seated on a high and lofty throne. All earth is filled with his Glory. We pray to enter into the vision of Isaiah and ask ourselves what our reaction would be to such a vision. I pray to realize the Mystery of God — to begin to understand what the Holy God is. Psalm God is actually interested in me more than I can hope to be in Him.

Tolkien and the Fairy Story

He revealed Himself to me. He chose me. God has attracted me with His awe and wonderment. I must respond.

[AMV] Fairy Tail - This Mountain

Psalm Illustrates just how present God is — to me and to all of Creation. Meditation 5. The Majesty of God.


For information, call , Ext. Is your response so narrow?. The mold has been broken and the format rewritten. Everything again has design, has code, has instruction, is from knowledge. Beautifully evocative of ancient, sylvan Britain. He was no taller than a five-year-old child. He contemplated it with extraordinary fervour, 'It is the foot of a young woman,' he pondered, 'of a princess—of a charming creature.

God is a Majestic God. In this meditation I hope and pray to come in contact, to feel the Majesty of God. To enter into the Vision which St. John portrays in the Apocalypse, 4. The seer is invited to enter into heaven. In order to guard against presenting some human figure he describes God in terms of Light — translucent like a jasper stone; fiery red like a sardius; and a rainbow around the throne, sign of covenant with Noah.

The Church of the O.