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The Changing. These are major types of sequences one usually sees in his dreams. Gackenbach, J. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation. Sighting of saffron and musk: It indicates fame and fortune for you. Online high school provides flexibility to participating students.

I outfitted that cat apartment with a television, personal toiletries and even stocked the freezer with frozen pizzas, for when I needed to stay overnight! Once one of the cats escaped and I searched the building until I found her in the basement close to the laundry room.

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This dream series persisted for almost a decade and I paid no particular attention to it because it was one of many similar episodics in my subconscious. Until recently when that Great Aunt died in real life. I dreamt that I was helping her clean up that old apartment preparing for her to move back in. The cats were gone or at least in hiding. Her and I cleaned up that apartment for what felt like hours, afterwards she prepared one of the frozen pizzas that I had stocked in the fridge.

She sent me out to corner store to buy some Pepsi and asked me to bring some extra pillows to the Firehall next door to thank them for all the times they rushed her to the hospital. On my back upstairs 3 kittens began to follow me. I opened the door to her apartment and My aunt was sitting on her love seat with the four now full grown cats that I fed and took care for her in the dreams.


Dream Blue Sky (The Exceptions Book 1) - Kindle edition by Stephanie Dragoo Jackson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Dream Blue Sky (The Exceptions Book 1) eBook: Stephanie Dragoo Jackson: donthesunonle.cf: Kindle Store.

She was petting them and feeding them pieces of pizza. I laughed at the sight.

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That realization led to me remembering that this was all a dream as that Aunt was dead and has been dead for six months. I awoke weeping and had memories of all of the occurrences in that Old apartment in the dreams, and compared them to the real world knowledge that my aunt never had any pets when she lived there 25 years ago, I found it difficult to resolve. That was this morning, I immediately grabbed my iPad and searched for consistent dream memories, which led me here to this page.

I dream im in school alot. I dont like being there and know im only going for someone else.

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I know I already have my GED and going is pointless. I dream. Alot I see my cat of 14 , years. Sometimes I cant find her. Other times I see her and its a regular day. I dream I need to call someone and cant find my phone. At times I keep buying phones then lose them or cant remember the phone number to anyone. Recently im having a sequence dream each night I got some much needed paperwork mostly done. Wonder if it be on topic tonight?

At the current age of 18, for the past 12 years of my life I have not had a "normal" dream.

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I do love the subject matter of dreams resolving from a hidden memory that the waking conscience can not reach, as I am a firm believer in the world of spiritual and chakra system. A little embarrassing to admit, but firm belief. I've read the comments, yet mine The "dream" I have had is in a way a complete different existence to me.

I went to sleep in the real life, but when I entered my dream state I was in some unknown landscape, very fantasy like, put simply large mountainous terrain, villages and castles, a peculiar vibrant cobalt blue sky, and a lot more. What's unique to this, or some of it is I was the same age there as I was in real life, but different body, different name, but.. Now it was fully lucid, to the point I had full control, but characters led me throughout this world and welcomed me home.

Only later until my 12th birthday did I learn what my "importance" there was. I'll leave it there, but it is a truly interesting, and confusing to me none-the less.

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But If this would to stem from a part of memory that the waking body can not see, then possibly is this a memory or connection to a seperate existence? There are times where it feels that and this is connected, then suddenly not. All my drawings are based off of vivid memories of the landscapes I have seen, or the languages I've learned, tools, people etc. I know this comment is long, I do apologize for that, I would like help with this as much detail as there is I cannot explain it in one small text-box. Ever since these "dreams" keep going, my own waking conscience has been more perceptive, senses have increased, and it feels like my body is weaker, but spirit is stronger.

Its truly is a weird concept to myself. But I believe it fits with the "Hidden cache" for dreams. If anyone would like to know, comment. Again I apologize for the long comment.

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Patrick McNamara Ph. I have been having dreams of Submitted by Lilian on January 8, - am. Hunted Submitted by Gavin on February 28, - am. Several Persistently recurring dreams of a consistent world Submitted by Jason on July 29, - am. Last Name. Zip Code. Sign Up. Toggle navigation Menu. Blue Sky Vista. View Larger Photos. Book It Now 42 people are interested in this property! Check In Date:. Check Out Date:. Please select a Check In Date by using the calendars.

Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America's Fall from Grace

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