Gappy Disappears (Book Two of the Young Vampire Adventures)
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Elijah senses Eve and goes to her. Eve warns them that if the wolves don't want to be found they won't. She tells them she has something to tell them. In the bayou, Rebekah and Elijah are still talking to Eve. She's got a map showing them the swamp. She tells them about the new wolves that has came into town. She tells them that they are going to want to keep the wolves alive, Elijah asks why and she tells them to see for themselves.

Rebekah and Elijah are still in the bayou, looking for wolves. Rebekah makes Elijah admit that he likes Hayley. They hear screaming and see a bunch of wolves running from Diego and some other Vampires. Diego isn't willing to go easily, but Elijah makes it clear that they need to leave or he will kill them. He had been informed about their interfering. He tells them he's had enough of family and leaves. Klaus leaves Rebekah and Elijah alone in the house.

Elijah looks sad, defeated. Elijah then visits Hayley and tells her, that the werewolves are safe and then tells her to keep her wolf mark hidden and leaves.

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He then appears behind Klaus and apologizes for having accused him of having ulterior motives regarding the child, and tells him he was wrong. He then says. Elijah asks her if she needs some help with the dress, Hayley responds with. Elijah then tells he thinks she looks lovely, He then touches her birth mark and she covers it with her hand. Elijah tells she should keep it covered even with his family's protection, she shouldn't take any chances.


Hayley refuses as she doesn't want to make Klaus upset about anymore than he already is and then asks him to help her out of her dress. Hayley motions to her zipper and Elijah steps forwards unbuttoning and unzipping her dress. He hesitates before smiling and leaving. When Klaus discovers that Davina is missing Elijah joins him to find her.

To prove it he tells Marcel that he is worried about how Klaus will operate to get Davina back and they make alliance to work together. Later Marcel and Elijah is seen at the festival, Klaus then joined and later Rebekah trying to find Davina. Klaus assured them they would soon have her. Elijah recognized that tone of voice Klaus had and knew Klaus was planning something. Klaus then kidnaps Davina's friend he stays at his side, playing until Davina arrives.

Elijah complains of the music Klaus makes Davina's friend played and Klaus agreed.

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Marcel then shows up and says When Davina shows up they need to let him do the talking. When Davina escapes with Rebekah while they are out Klaus was one step ahead and compelled Tim to poison Davina. Since this kind of behavior from Klaus was expected.

Elijah stands before Marcel covered in his own blood, They both reveal to Klaus that they had a witch who had protected Davina with the spell so she survives. When he puts the pictures together it reveals the face of his former love, Celeste Marie Helene Dubois. Klaus tells him why Witches do anything. Klaus becomes irritated with Davina's behavior, Elijah then tells that killing her true love was not best idea. Klaus then asks him if it anymore deaths he would like to wave in his face, Elijah responds.

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I'll get you a list. Before he leaves he meets Hayley who wants to tell him something. This hurt Elijah, and says to Hayley. When a witch's remains are consecrated, that power fuels the rest of their community. Celeste did not want her remains to be found.

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She made me promise to bury her where she would not be found. You not only violated my privacy, You have broken my promise to her. Elijah leaves Hayley, and goes to the Cemetery where Sophie is and tells her that cares that she has undog his former girlfriend, he is then asking her to come with him.

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Elijah asks. Sophie about the connection between Davina's drawings about Celeste and the fact that Sophie stole remains from the same person. They are interrupted by earthquake as Davina's power starts to take more serious effects. He and Klaus discuss Davina that she must be sacrificed, Marcel then comes and punches Klaus and tells him, he's not touching her. Elijah tries to calm down Marcel and tells him, he doesn't like to either but tells him that Davina will die either way.


The law of attraction is energised by the gap between here and there. Live from truth every time. It would seem this Christmas I am blessed, and indeed, it has come early!! No end of strange things now. The shocking thing is that sometime those you love the most are inadvertently keeping you off your path.

When Rebekah calls him and informs him that Marcel took Davina. Elijah joins his family to help to get her back when locator spell doesn't work well and their attempt to get Celeste's power fails. As they realize that the only way to protect them from greater harm is to complete the harvest Elijah comes up with plan on his own. With little arguing about his mad plan all the originals agree and bury their mother.

After their plan has been completed, they are all awaiting Davina to be sacrificed and once she is The Harvest seems to have failed. Elijah asks her if she has any ideas how rare love is and tells her in his years life he' only found it twice and each time he has honored it. Hayley then tells him that she is sorry and asks him why would he choose dead over living. She apologizes and they almost kiss but Elijah turns his head away.

In Dance Back from the Grave , Elijah meets Rebekah and sees that she is conspiring against Klaus and is very disappointed in her and tells he will never be against Klaus or her and asks her if she cannot support him, he then asks do noting to offend him. Elijah is alerted by her theory that someone must have taken the power from the harvest ritual. When the vampires in the quarter start dying he with Klaus investigate who and what could have done a spell like this and recalled Papa Tunde who Klaus killed. Elijah wants to make sure that Hayley is safe and struggles to fight his feelings for her.

He sees Thierry and tells him his sister is fond of him and asks him to explain, Thierry answers him wrong and Elijah threatens him for answers and find out that Rebekah has been attacked by a powerful witch. He takes Hayley with him to where Thierry told them she was and they found Rebekah laying in a circle spell, which they could not enter. He calls Sophie from his phone and asks how they can enter, she gives some ideas and Elijah then figures out that he could use the blood of Klaus' unborn child to break the spell.

When Rebekah is free he breaks Thierry's neck and confronts her and blames her for conspiring against her own blood. Rebekah calls him a hypocrite because he blames her for tearing their family apart, but his own feelings for Hayley are making much more damage to their family.

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Elijah is later seen a the mansion looking up towards Hayley. When they realize that something bigger is about to happen, after hearing of Monique Deveraux resurrection, Hayley tells them that Celeste might be the one to die for Davina to resurrect. Elijah asks Rebekah to take Hayley to the plantation house where she could be safe. Rebekah agrees because she hopes to end their quarrel. Elijah tells her how he has put the pieces together which lead him to this notion.

Once Hayley is safe he starts looking for his sister but finds only some bloody wolf bodies.