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Diagnostic information: Gesammelte Werke: Band 1: Fruhe Schriften (German Edition) ( ): Sir Karl R Popper, Troels Eggers Hansen: Books. Sämtliche Werke Band 1 (German Edition) [Schiller Friedrich] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sämtliche Werke. This book, Sämtliche.

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Greek with German translation. Uncorrected Google version. Only one copy on Google as of August, VOL I Supp. Vol I, supplement. Description of the manuscripts and a Greek word index. Vol II, Fasc I. Mechanica et Catoptrica. Greek and Arabic with German translation. Vol II. Vol III. Rationes Dimetiendi et Commentatio Dioptrica. Corrected Google version. VOL IV.


Vol IV [Gallica]. VOL V. Vol V. Greek with German translation.. Heiberg [Gallica].

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De Heronis Aetate. A doctoral dissertation from Germany on Hero. Rupdolph Meier. Diophantus of Alexandria English [Google][ Amazon ]. Arabic with German translation. Uncorrected version from [Google Books].

Gesammelte Werke 5 Die offene Gesellschaft und ihre Feinde, Band 1 Der Zauber Platons

Halley's Edition and Latin Translation of the Conics. De Sectione Rationis. Uncorrected [Google Books]. Corrected [Google Books]. Apollonii Pergei Opera per doctissimum philosophum Joannem Baptistam Memum Bindonum] [Impr. A 16th century Latin translation of portions of? Poor quality. Conics I-IV Commandinus.

I mistakenly forgot to include p in the previously available PDF. Here it is, if you need it. It is already included in the version available above. Feb 9, Hebraeis et Arabicis typis exprimendos Vir Cl. Halleius curavit Latin A. If anyone, anywhere has access to another copy of this so I can make corrections to this PDF, please contact me at the address above. Chioniades Zij as-Sanjari.

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Leichter your's truly! David Edwin Pingree of Brown University. The Greek text is Chioniades' translation of al-Khazini's Arabic text of the same title , available in manuscript form below. Greek with Latin Translation.

  • Edited By Hans-Edwin Friedrich and Wilhelm Haefs.
  • Two Sloughs.
  • De habitu religionis ad vitam civilem!

Expositio rerum mathematicarum ad legendum Platonem utilium. Karl Manitius ] Curtze Book I, fasc. I et II. This is the fragmentary Arabic of al- Nairizi's commentary on Euclid, book I. It is based on the Arabic translation of Euclid by al-Hajjaj. Digitial photographs of pages and , which were missing in the original Google scan, have been inserted.

Book I, fasc II, pp. Digitial photographs of vol. II pages , pages which were missing from the original Google scan. Fascicle I covers through proposition 13 of book II. Please send corrections to wilbourhall. The English introduction to this edition frequently cites the text Algebra with Arithmetic and Mensuration from the Sanskrit of Bhramagupta and Baskaracharya available below [ Google Books ][ Amazon ].

The English introduction to this edition frequently cites the text Algebra with Arithmetic and Mensuration from the Sanskrit of Bhramagupta and Baskaracharya available below [Million Books Project] [ Amazon ]. German introduction with Arabic text.

Chronology English. Chronology of Ancient Nations. English Translation. Only one copy on Google books as of August, German introduction with Arabic text[Gallica]. Albino Nagy. German introduction. Latin translations by Gherard of Cremona and others? Adobe bookmarks of chapters added by wilbourhall.

Husserliana: Edmund Husserl Gesammelte Werke – Husserl Archives Leuven

Surya Siddhanta with the Gudarthaprakashika commentary of Raganatha Sanskrit. All introductory matter is missing from the scan.

follow url Surya Siddhanta Sanskrit with the Sauravasana tika.. Page 96 is missing. Sanskrit with English introduction. Index of slokas. Chapters of the BSS. Arybhatiya with the commentary of Bhaskara I and Someavara. Romanized Sanskrit. Kalakriyapada with the bhashya of Nilakanthasomasutvan. Other parts of this work are not yet available at the DLI.