Nothing Left Unsaid: Words to Help You and Your Loved Ones Through the Hardest Times

Words of Comfort: What to Say to Someone Who is Dying
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It Might Come True video. Nothing Left To Prove video. About this album: I'm extremely proud of this album the way it all turned out with the songs all being a part of a bigger message in that many things are left unsaid that maybe shouldn't sometimes - like the words of affirmation, love, trust, respect and appreciation. Enjoy it - it was a life changing experience making it! Tags acoustic adult album alternative adult contemporary easy-listening indie pop rock singer-songwriter adult contemporary folk pop Vancouver.

One World Ostheide. Liederbuch - St. Barbara Lichtentanne. Die Graslerei. We signed the medical directives and prepared the power of attorney forms and did all the things responsible adults were supposed to do in the prime of their lives even though death was nothing but a distant danger. Not then. And not after my year-old husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer with staggeringly dismal survival rates.

We never had a sweeping declaration of love conversation. Instead, we remained so firmly positive — pinning our hopes so desperately onto experimental treatments and alternative medicines — that he died believing he would be cured. We focused so exclusively on hope that we left everything unsaid. How could I have focused so firmly on the hope of a cure that I allowed him to take his last breath without saying those precious words?

That he forgives me for being unable to save him. At the end of the year, my children and I are moving out of the house I had once called our forever home. Would he want us to stay in a house he had chosen for us though it no longer feels like home?

'Then everyone died': I lost four people I loved in 14 months

I never asked him. Because hope. And now the self-doubt can feel paralyzing. It was another loss. The boys were free to take the day and go to swim in a lake nearby. Dad readied himself for the celebration, but soon a second dispatch arrived. This one contained orders that Dad, only, was to be shifted later that afternoon from his companions to a new battalion many miles away.

He would have to say good-bye to his friends while he waited for the transport to arrive that would take him to his new assignment. His friends hugged Dad an emotional farewell, then boarded the company's Jeep. Dad stood there a good long time, listening to their laughter and singing fade into silence, feeling alone and abandoned.

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Every moment he waited for his transport to come felt like an eternity. And of course, the transport was hours late. When the driver finally arrived, he apologized, explaining that there had been an accident and the road had been closed. All were instantly killed. I know what Dad was saying to me. He did not explicitly use the words "Life is precious," or "Every day has been a gift. As I stood there beside him, thinking about his story, my mind wandered back to the sunny afternoon more than forty years ago when Dad had run beside my wobbly two-wheeler, teaching me to ride.

As long as his hand made contact with my arm, the bike stayed upright and I felt like I was riding on my own.

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But the moment he withdrew his hand, the bike would suddenly careen and crash. Eventually, of course, I pedaled faster than even he could run. Until this moment, I had not remembered the last time I felt his hand on my shoulder; I had only remembered the first time I took off down the road holding strong and steady. I had taken so much for granted in my life.

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Nothing Left Unsaid: Words to Help You and Your Loved Ones Through the Hardest Times [Carol Orsborn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Editorial Reviews. Review. Who hasn't searched for the right words when faced Nothing Left Unsaid: Words to Help You and Your Loved Ones Through the Hardest Times - Kindle edition by Carol Orsborn. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for it all. There were no words that could communicate my feelings, so we just kept on telling stories and sharing memories—until the very last moment they came to get Dad and roll him away to surgery.

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Alone in the afternoons, sometimes, even after all these years, I will gaze into that face and attempt to say all that remained unsaid. In imagination, I hear her respond. Worst of all is if we try to rehearse a conversation. Something went wrong. Published by Red Wheel.

The stories and memories we shared were simple and sweet. And yet, just being together—sometimes speaking our thoughts, sometimes sitting in silence—some kind of completion was taking place that went far beyond the words that were being spoken. Perhaps this is something of what Ivan Pavlov, the father of behavioral psychology, experienced while he lay in bed, consumed by fever.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, few held hope for his recovery from a life-threatening infection. Seemingly delirious, he instructed his assistant to go down to the river near his home and return with a bucket of sun-warmed mud. Humoring Pavlov, the aid duly brought the bucket of mud to his bed. Shaky and weak, the great psychologist dipped his hands into the bucket and started to play with the oozy brown clay. Within a few hours, Pavlov's fever had broken. After his recovery, Pavlov was asked to explain his odd behavior.

He answered with a story about his childhood. He explained that when he was young, he had often gone down to the river with his mother. While she did the laundry, he enjoyed playing near her with the clay of the riverbank. As he played in the mud, she would tell him wonderful stories. The mud he had asked to be brought to his bed represented the time in his life when he felt most peaceful. As he lay ill in bed, he reasoned that if he could recreate this favorite time in his life, he would give his body the best chance to recover.

His healing began the exact moment he thought to request the mud.

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On the good days, Dad's stories and my memories wove together in a tapestry of love that was palpable. Regardless of the prognosis, there was something deeply healing about what we shared. When I was with him, time slowed down. A cup of coffee became a sacrament. Flowers sent by family friends recreated Eden. The nurse's gentle humor was the funniest thing I'd ever heard.

Even the orderly who emptied the bags of fluid did so within our sacred space. Without trying, the stories and memories we shared carried with them healing, love, and resolution. It is told that when Rabbi Israel Shem Tov saw misfortune threatening his people, he went to a special place in the forest to meditate.

He would light a fire, say a certain prayer, and intercede with God. When his disciple, the Maggid of Mezritch, was faced with the same task for his generation, he would go to the same place and say, "Master of the Universe, Listen!