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A second slap followed seconds later. Many pats left the rump red. Weiss screeched and came again; she lost her composure. Above the hole she still smacked into with her dildo, the temptress licked the untouched pussy flesh. One pinch of this tiny object earned a shrill and instant orgasm from the heiress. Cinder found the clitoris. Cinder gave the clitoris another tug. For the finale, the temptress slammed the dildo inside and twerked on the clitoris. She moved in every angle she could with her hands and toy, touched every nerve in the sensitive area until Weiss crumpled on top of the bed.

Cinder raised her wet dildo.

She licked the tip, indulged on the heiress's sweet essence. The ones that came after became mumbles as her eyes closed. The heiress had fallen asleep, exhausted from their fun time. Cinder thought Weiss looked cute in her sleeping form. This prompted her to get up and walk over to a glass table. From its surface, she picked up her beige Scroll. She aimed its front camera and snapped a picture of the dozing, naked heiress. Despite this improvement, she wanted to have proof of their time together on hand if she ever needed to remind Weiss on the virtue of cooperation.

With her grades taken care of, Cinder required assistance from a greater power. Her first choice turned out to be the best although this time, she was not dealing with a virgin or desperate youth. For this one, she required more effort and tolerance. Cinder did her best not to drop her smile - show any sign of disgust - as she obeyed the command.

Without clothes from the neck down to her ankles, she only wore a bra, panties, and long socks. His huge gut jiggled with his movement. Gray hair stuck out from many places, mostly his chest and limbs.

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This man, Peter Port, was also as naked as Cinder. Him and his lady friend was alright to be nude inside his green room, an office decorated with bookshelves and animal trophies - heads of normal creatures and fake Grimm. She despised his arrogant smile; the old man really believed she desired his body. The only good trait he had on his person was the penis, a hefty meat pole dangling from his crotch full of gray pubes. When he grabbed her shoulders, he gave the woman a sloppy kiss. The temptress tried not to gag as his tongue entered her mouth, slid all around like a snake.

It took moments before she realized he had enough skill to leave a tingle in her mouth. More pleasure came as his chubby hands slid into her long, raven hair. During the lip lock, Port pushed the woman against the door. His hands moved down over her skin to grab her D-cups.

Where to find Annie DuBois online

School's In Session: Hump My Rump - Kindle edition by Annie DuBois. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. School's back in session and after a long, celibate summer, Ryan Collins finally reunites with Trevor Sullivan, an older businessman who used to be his lover.

With a squeeze, the man used fingers to stimulate the areola. As Cinder held back a moan, an erect penis pressed into her waist. Anymore and I would have gone on for hours. The temptress almost missed his words when she eyed his cock out of shock. His porker was about ten inches and had the width of a soda can. The man piece quivered slower than the pulse made in its veins. Even his balls were almost the size of tennis balls.

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Cinder knew better than to underestimate a senior Hunter, but she did not expect his package to be that huge. As his firm man boobs met her soft titties, he wiggled his waist to rub the tip of his penis against her stomach. The professor twirled his partner. Surprised by this forceful action, Cinder pressed her hands against the door. She calmed down, reminded herself that she could fight him if he tried to make her commit unpleasant actions.

He kneeled down to hover his face in front of the fine, bubbly ass before he tore off the panty with amazing strength.

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Cinder pressed her face against the door. She gritted her teeth as the old man flicked his tongue against her shaved pussy. With licks and pokes, he massaged every part of the hole. He also gripped her buttocks to squeeze and knead them like putty. The cunnlingus - tongueplay and ass grabbing - presented euphoria she had not felt in a long time, not since her master touched her in the same manner.

The temptress tried not to mind the sleazy words, not as she dug her fingernails into the door. Erotic jolts from this foreplay created a building pressure inside her lower area. When it reached its peak, she bit her lip and shivered.

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IJmtsa1 Thomas. On the other hand in pageant world contestants must look and act unnatural. L sa ll. Gina arpetta. He never thrown a pitch in the ninth as a starter. Lauren Connor.

And I know we have ten minutes left; that is enough time for one more act to play out. A new form of pain and pleasure squeezed her insides. The professor just inserted his huge shaft into the deep end of her pussy. This and his slow thrusts made her shudder. She pushed away from the door, tried not to make her waist hit the surface as her partner nailed her meat pocket. She lost some strength after his hands - including the one he pulled out of her mouth - slid across her chest until they grabbed the bra and tore it off.

Up and down, he fondled them around. He then pinched her nipples and pulled forward to stretch out the flesh balloons. The soft bangs scared her; the noise could gather outside attention. The risk of being caught may have aroused him as he intensified his thrusts with his stiff cock. This distress ruined her focus; Port had made her bounce against the door like it was a ping pong paddle. She almost slumped over until he grabbed her shoulders to pull her up.

This new pose helped him hump deep, dig his penis in until it filled her cervix. I know how to keep a secret.

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Is that understood? With closed eyes and heavy gasps, Cinder nodded. She yelped after Port grabbed her chin and turned it so his lips could meet hers.

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He shoved his tongue down her throat; his dick pushed up as far as it could go. Kissed from both ends, the temptress could only take it all with little control. When her body shook from another orgasm, Port grunted as his lower body also quaked from a powerful ejaculation. The warm semen traveled further into her pussy, straight into the cervix.

When he pulled out his dick, she slid down the door until her hands and knees met the carpet floor. The porked woman slid a finger over her wet snatch. Its puffy, sore lips proved the elder had performed well. In her mind, Cinder admitted she found him attractive for being able to satisfy her despite his disgusting, aged appearance. I would like to enact in some foreplay while I reload for the next penetration.

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Cinder spun her head to lock eyes with the kneeling professor. And if you leave within an hour, you should be able to make it back to your dorm while everyone is occupied with their lectures. Remember, Miss Cosplayer, this is not my first affair. Even the ace of our freshmen students come to me to earn the same privilege. Cinder blew at a hair strand hanging in front of her face. While she was reluctant to resume physical relations right now, she found it hard to reject the offer. Minutes later, Cinder howled as Port reamed her asshole. Thirty minutes, she endured this.

In the aftermath, she limped out of the office with clothes in her arms. She hurried back to the room before anyone saw her, before any semen dripped from her holes to leave an obvious trail on the floor behind her. Combat skills not only covered a big portion of her grades, but it also defined another group she had to influence in order to gain some leverage, especially with the Vytal Festival on the way. She only had to concern herself with quality more than quantity.

Seducing the strongest warriors - the cream of the crop - was enough. Despite their strength and intellect, they were all still juveniles, vulnerable adults who can either be swayed to do her bidding or express enough personal information to be used as blackmail.